Awful script, worse direction

By dmfroman
Written April 24, 2009
How do they make movies so boringly predictable? Nothing about this movie was enjoyable. The few decent actors read their lines sullenly, the character interaction was nil, and the one character who had a chance to be interesting never actually becomes interesting.
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Mutant Chronicles Ruled!

By I love Trent
Written May 02, 2009
I can't believe the hate I am seeing heaped on this film! Mutant Chronicles was a bada** totally enjoyable film, with a terrific leading performance by Thomas Jane. The action sequences are awesome, I would love to see this director get his hands on the next Resident Evil film, I think he could revitalize the stale formula it has become. Mutant Chronicles was a moody, dark, intense surprise, I wasn't expecting much and I was surprised to find myself actually caring about the characters. It has lots of jumps and things you don't see coming, so for those who have called it cliche I think that's just a term they've heard so they feel smart throwing it about. It has a unique look and even makes the mutants scary and original, which is a tough thing to do because so many zombie movies have come before it. Great B movie! Well done! Looking forward to this director's next film.
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