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A hearing-impaired war veteran (Ron Livingston) becomes an advocate for the disabled.
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By bridgfar
Went to a private screening and the movie was wonderful. The performance of Michael Sheen is worthy of an Oscar nomination...

Amazing look at how far we have come!

By Heidie
Although a bit slow at the start, this film draws you in and envelops you in the characters' struggles and triumphs. It is at times appalling to see how this country discriminated against persons...

Music Within

By kentmcdaniel
fantastic movie, an absolute must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Music Within

By farmgirl51
Great message for all of us. The movie moves along at a nice pace but leaves out some information the viewers might like to know. The Art character is missing sometimes and an explanation of the...

Fantastic movie that hits home

By citygalluvssf
This was excellent! I went on a whim, solely because it had to do with the ADA's creation. I think they really hit the mark with how disabled persons see themselves and are treated. I myself have...

Music Within

By AMelody
If you want be inspired and leave the theatre feeling like you can change the world, then go see this movie. Ron Livingston shows his acting range with grace and ease while Michael Sheen gives a...

After School Special

By anabaena
This is more of an afterschool special than a major motion picture but it has great intentions and a good message....

Great poster - empty movie

By NevadaJedi
The posters got me in the movie.... the movie itself was not that great. A non event. Would not recommend a movie like this over the others out there now. A cable movie....

Not worth the ticket

By Moyer1
The list of great movies here on fandango is not so great. The only one that was really good was bella, Lars and the real girl and American Gangster. Th eothers , like wrist cutters was horrible....

Music Within

By moviefanforsure
Must See!!!!! Don't miss this film! It has humor, wit, passion and inspiration. I have been to three private screenings and I have loved it, and I will see it again and again! Michael Sheen's...

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