Cute but worth the wait to dvd

By xxredheadjessxx
Written July 23, 2007
I found this movie to be cute and mildly funny. The only times I found myself laughing outloud was when they made Hugh Grant sing or dance. I think I was laughing out of embarressment for him than anything else. Drew Barrymore seemed akward and her wardorbe/style seemed always messy like there was no budget for wardrobe. But I have to admit it was surprisingly good even with the cliche ending.
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By uberdeutsch72
Written February 21, 2007
Hugh Grant was very Hugh Grant-ish and Drew Barrymore kinda sleep-walked through this movie. It was funny at times but very forced and hammy. I did, however, like the music which seemed to buzz in my head long after the movie was over. Definitely a matinee or a rental.
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By John_Raven
Written March 26, 2007
The only way I'd recommend seeing this film is if getting laid afterwards is a certainty!! The dialogue was trite and the story was equally predictable. The satire was dull and the “punch lines” fell as flat as George Foreman did when Muhammad Ali knocked him out in the 8th Round. When seeing Romantic/Comedies, I often feel that the Comedy part of the equation is forgotten and this film DEFINITELY fits that trend. I’d just seen Ghost Rider, which was a decent movie, but “Music & Lyrics” made that one look like “Citizen Kane”. “Music & Lyrics” was EASILY one of the worst films I'd ever seen. I really hate writing this review because I know I couldn't do better, but then again, I am not paid to do so. Hell, even “Jackass 2” is a better movie for a date, which I know to be certain because I “got some” after THAT one! On the brighter side, Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore, seemed convincing enough despite being severely handicapped by this script.
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Surprisingly adorable

By gabeandkim
Written July 22, 2007
Stuck this movie on the list and wasn't expecting much, but have to say the tongue in cheek '80's music was cheesy and fun and the chemistry between Hugh and Drew was hard to resist. Very adorable movie, enjoyed it very much. Add it to your list, and you won't be disappointed. Loved it!
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Infrequent viewer

By moviefreebees22
Written March 29, 2007
Very entertaining and NOT filled with X-rated scenes. It CAN be done.
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