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A pop diva asks a washed-up musician (Hugh Grant) to compose a song for her.
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Cute but worth the wait to dvd

By xxredheadjessxx
I found this movie to be cute and mildly funny. The only times I found myself laughing outloud was when they made Hugh Grant sing or dance. I think I was laughing out of embarressment for him than...


By uberdeutsch72
Hugh Grant was very Hugh Grant-ish and Drew Barrymore kinda sleep-walked through this movie. It was funny at times but very forced and hammy. I did, however, like the music which seemed to buzz in my...


By John_Raven
The only way I'd recommend seeing this film is if getting laid afterwards is a certainty!! The dialogue was trite and the story was equally predictable. The satire was dull and the “punch lines”...

Surprisingly adorable

By gabeandkim
Stuck this movie on the list and wasn't expecting much, but have to say the tongue in cheek '80's music was cheesy and fun and the chemistry between Hugh and Drew was hard to resist. Very adorable...

Infrequent viewer

By moviefreebees22
Very entertaining and NOT filled with X-rated scenes. It CAN be done....

Music and Lyrics

By Bigeyes
The movie had a decent plot. I liked the way the rock star turned out to be a good person and thought about other people. The start of the movie didn't really display that about her, nice touch. ...

Predictably Cute

By Butter_My_Popcorn
Hugh Grant is his usual dry witty self & Drew Barrymore is her normal quirky cute self. Together they work well on screen as they bounce off the other with their different comedy stylings. ...

Cute Fun Movie

By NicklesWorth
This was a fun movie with very little "adult" material....

Music and Lyrics

By chump4x4
The movie was good, but if your a male it's not a movie I would go see without a date. It's one of those movies that girls like and thinks it sweet that you took them to that movie....

Worth it for sure

By mactatele
Very funny with great dialogue...

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Rated PG-13 | For some sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Sweet, predictable date movie. Teens OK.
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