Murphy Dunne

Worked With

Year Name Title
2002 Laura Linney The Mothman Prophecies
2002 Will Patton The Mothman Prophecies
2002 Debra Messing The Mothman Prophecies
2002 Alan Bates The Mothman Prophecies
2002 Richard Gere The Mothman Prophecies
2002 Lucinda Jenney The Mothman Prophecies
1998 John Goodman Blues Brothers 2000
1998 Isaac Hayes Blues Brothers 2000
1998 Kathleen Freeman Blues Brothers 2000
1998 Frank Oz Blues Brothers 2000
1998 Dan Aykroyd Blues Brothers 2000
1998 Joe Morton Blues Brothers 2000
1993 Parley Baer Mad About You: Weekend Getaway
1988 Ron O'Neal Hero and the Terror
1988 Chuck Norris Hero and the Terror
1985 Marilu Henner Perfect
1985 Jamie Lee Curtis Perfect
1985 David Paymer Perfect
1985 Laraine Newman Perfect
1985 John Travolta Perfect
1985 Rip Torn Summer Rental
1985 John Larroquette Summer Rental
1985 John Candy Summer Rental
1985 Richard Crenna Summer Rental
1984 Richard Deacon Bad Manners
1984 Karen Black Bad Manners
1984 Martin Mull Bad Manners
1984 Edie Adams Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter
1984 Cloris Leachman Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter
1984 John Glover Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter
1984 Jeff Goldblum Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter
1983 Joe Flaherty Going Berserk
1983 John Candy Going Berserk
1983 Ernie Hudson Going Berserk
1983 Pat Hingle Going Berserk
1983 Kurtwood Smith Going Berserk
1983 Eugene Levy Going Berserk
1983 Paul Dooley Going Berserk
1983 Elinor Donahue Going Berserk
1982 Warren Berlinger Laverne & Shirley: Lightning Man
1982 James Belushi Laverne & Shirley: Of Mice and Men
1981 Norman Fell Paternity
1981 Mike Kellin Paternity
1981 Lauren Hutton Paternity
1981 Paul Dooley Paternity
1981 Burt Reynolds Paternity
1981 Elizabeth Ashley Paternity
1981 Beverly D'Angelo Paternity
1980 John Candy The Blues Brothers
1980 John Belushi The Blues Brothers
1980 Henry Gibson The Blues Brothers
1980 Twiggy The Blues Brothers
1980 John Landis The Blues Brothers
1980 Paul Reubens The Blues Brothers
1980 Frank Oz The Blues Brothers
1980 Kathleen Freeman The Blues Brothers
1980 Ben Piazza The Blues Brothers
1980 Dan Aykroyd The Blues Brothers
1980 Carrie Fisher The Blues Brothers
1980 Charles Napier The Blues Brothers
1980 Cab Calloway The Blues Brothers
1980 Dom DeLuise The Last Married Couple in America
1980 Richard Benjamin The Last Married Couple in America
1980 Natalie Wood The Last Married Couple in America
1980 Priscilla Barnes The Last Married Couple in America
1980 Valerie Harper The Last Married Couple in America
1980 George Segal The Last Married Couple in America
1980 Oliver Clark The Last Married Couple in America
1980 Susan Tyrrell Loose Shoes
1980 Buddy Hackett Loose Shoes
1980 Howard Hesseman Loose Shoes
1980 Ed Lauter Loose Shoes
1980 Bill Cosby Loose Shoes
1980 Bill Murray Loose Shoes
1980 Harry Shearer Loose Shoes
1979 James Gregory The Main Event
1979 Ernie Hudson The Main Event
1979 Ryan O'Neal The Main Event
1979 Patti D'Arbanville The Main Event
1979 Rory Calhoun The Main Event
1979 Bill Murray The Main Event
1979 Barbra Streisand The Main Event
1977 Dick Van Patten High Anxiety
1977 Ron Carey High Anxiety
1977 Howard Morris High Anxiety
1977 Albert J. Whitlock High Anxiety
1977 Barry Levinson High Anxiety
1977 Mel Brooks High Anxiety
1977 Cloris Leachman High Anxiety
1977 Madeline Kahn High Anxiety
1977 Harvey Korman High Anxiety
1977 John Denver Oh, God!
1977 David Ogden Stiers Oh, God!
1977 Dinah Shore Oh, God!
1977 Paul Sorvino Oh, God!
1977 Barry Sullivan Oh, God!
1977 William Daniels Oh, God!
1977 Teri Garr Oh, God!
1977 Jeff Corey Oh, God!
1977 Donald Pleasence Oh, God!
1977 Barnard Hughes Oh, God!
1977 Ralph Bellamy Oh, God!
1977 Carl Reiner Oh, God!
1977 George Burns Oh, God!
1977 John Ashton Oh, God!
1976 Sally Kellerman The Big Bus
1976 Harold Gould The Big Bus
1976 Howard Hesseman The Big Bus
1976 Lynn Redgrave The Big Bus
1976 Richard Mulligan The Big Bus
1976 Vito Scotti The Big Bus
1976 Richard B. Shull The Big Bus
1976 Stockard Channing The Big Bus
1976 Ruth Gordon The Big Bus
1976 José Ferrer The Big Bus
1976 Vic Tayback The Big Bus
1976 René Auberjonois The Big Bus
1976 Larry Hagman The Big Bus
1976 Joseph Bologna The Big Bus
1976 Ned Beatty The Big Bus
1969 Larry Storch The Monitors
1969 Keenan Wynn The Monitors
1969 Ed Begley, Sr. The Monitors
1969 Peter Boyle The Monitors
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