Murph: The Protector Synopsis
MURPH: The Protector is a documentary based on fallen Navy SEAL LT Michael Murphy's life of honor.
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The New York Times

Murph: The Protector reminds us of the valor expended on distant front lines and the holes left at home.
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Washington Post

By Sean O’Connell
The challenge for any filmmaker wanting to convey the personal tales of our nation’s armed forces likely lies in finding a narrative as...
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Movie Nation

By Roger Moore
We’re reminded not just of sacrifice, but of those to whom service is a genuine calling and what that bandied-about word “hero” really...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Bringing a much needed personal perspective to a war that has claimed thousands of American lives, the film nonetheless suffers from a...
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The serviceable documentary Murph: The Protector could hardly fail to be an emotionally potent experience.
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Village Voice

Such an uncomplicated portrait may be faithful to Murphy...Yet, no matter its veracity, that veneration is the only point conveyed...
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Slant Magazine

One wonders if the filmmakers ever asked themselves who their film was intended for, or if it was at least a consciously self-serving...
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By zmouris
So many of us are isolated from the realities of war and the daily challenges our military personnel endure. It was inspiring to see how a regular kid from "everyday America" drove himself so hard...

Awesome and Inspiring!

By mjwood65
We took our 12 year old son to see this movie and he loved it, as did my husband and myself!! It was great to see a TRUE HERO celebrated, giving our son someone to look up to that we would actually...

Humbled & Inspired

By wpeddie
This documentary spoke to the inner patriot. It reminded me of what being an American is all about. Unselfish dedication, unparalleled commitment and inspiring actions all overflowed from the story...


By wiltel62
A moving tribute to an American hero, who selflessly gave his life in order to save his fellow Seals. It is people like this that allows us to go to work ,shop go to the movies and live our lives as...


By pdwightm
It made me proud to be an American. These brave men/women are to be commended. They fight and DIE for the freedoms most Americans take for granted. Tears of sorrow for the families were shed by my...


By paulviscaino
Took my two teenage kids on Medal of Honor Day. They left very Humbled by LT Murphy's life and his sacrifice not only for his Team Mates but for OUR Freedoms as well. RIP Brother...

True Hero

By Monjyfunjy
I learned of Murph's story from the book Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. When I heard this documentary was coming out I thought this was a REALLY great chance to see a movie that was going to be...

Must See

By bonelas
This documentary is a reminder that freedom isn't free. A well put together documentary of the life, sacrafices, and untimely death of a True American Hero, thru the eyes & hearts of those who knew...

A movie about Real Hero's

By dholeman
If you are looking for a Hollywood style action packed movie with your favorite actors, then don't go see this movie. However, if you want to see an inspirational movie about REAL HERO's, then you...

Excellent Movie about a True America hero

By jmk1980
I would highly recommend seeing this movie. The movie tells the story of Lt. Michael Murphys life and how he became the man that he was. Michael Murphy was a Navy Seal who was on a reconnaissance...

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Rated PG | For Thematic material and some language