Get on the Guest List to MURIEL'S WEDDING!!!

By lugubriousthespian
Written May 13, 2009
Forget MAMA MIA! Well, before that bloated, unnecessary mega-hit fleeced Broadway and movie-going patrons alike, this quirky, multi-layered film from Down Under proved to be the one and only film destined to not only pay tribute to the Swedish rock oddities from the 80s, but become a cult classic about social misfits finally becoming adult in their own unique ways. Toni Collette finally was put on the map playing Muriel, a young Aussie woman from an incredibly dysfunctional brood who is Abba and wedding-obsessed. After bilking her corrupt public servant father of thousands, she goes on a spree to Sydney, hooks up with an equally spirited woman (wonderfully played by the versatile Rachel Grifitths) and they embark on an equally mirthful and mournful odyssey of life experiences. Along the way Muriel offers her citizenship to a young hottie who is Olympian swimming hopeful. A must-see for all those who want something a little different from the norm!
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