By Hateduke
Written May 05, 2016
Maybe had wrong expectations, but was a compilation of stories of victims, a very brief overview of the main players, and extended interview of the author of a book on the situation. A horrible and devastating situation, and thanks for helping increase the visibility of this mess, which needs to be done. However, as a documentary wanted to learn more about the origins of the conflicts, the main players, how the situation was evolving......a more narrative and chronological flow of events and developments over the past 10 we got to where we are, who has done what, who are the cartels, how do they operate, how have they interacted? What specifically has the army and law enforcement done......more detailed stories and deeper news gathering and reporting about those dynamics. You hate to sound cold and numb, but the gravity of the horrific situation in Juarez was clear 20 minutes into the movie......but the rest of the movie retold the same story 20 different ways.
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