Dream Cast in Fabulous Murder Mystery Parody

By lugubriousthespian
Written April 25, 2015
MURDER BY DEATH is the brain-child of Broadway legend Neil Simon and has all the requisite, machine-gun fast jokes and comic invention he is best known for in his plays. Here, however, he takes it one step further as he is obviously enamored with the material and puts his devilishly clever twist on many of genre's most famous sleuths and tosses them alongside one another in an ever-so-silly plot about an eccentric millionaire inviting the worlds best to solve the most insanely giddy murder. The casting here is flawless: Peter Falk as Sam Diamond, Peter Sellers as Inspector Sydney Wang. Elsa Lancaster as Miss Marbles, David Niven as Nick Charleston, and Alec Guiness as the blind butler - just to name a few of this divine ensemble! What ensues is a non-stop stream of gags, puns and sightgags sure leave you breathless with laughter. !And if you like this - be sure to check out Simon's companion pice THE CHEAP SETECTIVE that was made a year or so after this delight bit of merry mayhem
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