By bernadetter
Written April 01, 2014
This movie was so long that little ones had a hard time sitting through it. I saw many trips out of the theater with small children. The story line seemed to drag. Still it's the Muppets and they are always good family fun. Unlike the previous movie with Jason Segel, I doubt I will watch it again. Tina Fey was excellent and the Muppets, especially Animal, never disappoint. I was happy to see that Animal was more visible this time around. Go and enjoy the humor.
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A Great Movie!

By larryromack
Written March 23, 2014
Full of fun and laughs...Muppets Most Wanted carries on the tradition of great fun and entertainment. Part of that fun is trying to recognize all the guest stars in cameo roles. With great fun, great music, and great acting by everyone involved, this movies is a must see for everyone!
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Muppets Most Wanted

By delishia20
Written March 23, 2014
I really wanted to enjoy this movie but could not despite the all star cast. I took my children; including my two year old and five year old to this movie and they both disliked it. Although there was some singing, it wasn't enough to keep the little ones entertained and some parts were too "dark" or scary as my five year old stated. The acting/dialogue could have been better - especially with the all star cast. I did not see the first movie to compare but I will not see another Muppet movie - that's for sure. Overall, I am pretty disappointed in the movie. If you want to see this movie, spare yourself and wait for it on DVD.
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I mean, it's The Muppets...

By mdursin
Written March 24, 2014
Not quite as good as the last one. It dragged a little in the middle, then had to race to the end. The guest stars were a little heavy-handed, and there were a lot of song-and-dance numbers in weird places. Still, it is the Muppets, so it's still quite funny. Certainly worth your time. Definitely plenty of chuckles.
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It has a little something for adults too!

By the_lady_in_red
Written March 30, 2014
While I thought this was going to be a purely kids movie that I would snooze through, I was pleasantly surprised because there are a few one-liners and cameos that captivate adult attention, too. It's worth your while to tag along with the kids on this one.
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