Funnier than I expected

By theanimation
Written March 22, 2014
I really liked the last Muppets movie that came out and the previews for this one looked pretty good. Going into the movie, I was expecting it to be entertaining but not that great. Fortunately, it exceeded my expectations. It had me laughing hard and laughing often. The songs weren't as good as the last Muppets movie, but the story was just as engaging. Ty Burrell and Tina Fey performed wonderfully. Ricky Gervais was basically himself, so if you like him normally, you'll like him in this movie. There were a ton of cameos (more than the last movie) and that was fun. I went into the theater expecting that I might be slightly disappointed, but I ended up not being disappointed at all. It was a good time!
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Best Muppet Movie Perhaps Ever...for What It's Worth

By markswilkin
Written March 28, 2014
I've always wanted to love the Muppet Movie franchise because I have always been a fan of Sesame Street. Unfortunately most of the humor just typically doesn't do it for me. This movie is no exception. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the cameos, and parts were quite humorous. It really is the best Muppet movie ever...which makes it still not that great. Definitely better than many of the kids movies I've had to sit through. I would go see it if you really want to see a movie but don't expect to laugh so hard it hurts.
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Muppets Better than Ever!

By rskane
Written April 06, 2014
Combine the best of Disney, the best of the Muppets and the usual Star Cameos and you get an awesome movie! Also, don't forget the usual musical numbers with great NEW songs and a few oldies for the adults! I saw lots of laughs and toe-tapping throughout the movie theater! Growing up with Kermit - this was a nice surprise! Was so afraid they would lose the "Mupopet flavor" to the movie. They did not. Both adults and kids will LOVE THIS MOVIE!
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Not very good or interesting.

By kinglou
Written March 24, 2014
20+ years of the same gags. My kids enjoyed it okay but there were only a few laugh out loud moments in the whole thing. The rest of the movie is really dull filler with not great songs and a lot of pointless cameos. If you didn't see the last Muppets movie you might not even realize they are cameos. I hope I never have to see this movie again. Even accidentally. Now, A Muppet Christmas Carol, that is an amazing muppet movie.
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Loved it!

By pegroberts
Written March 24, 2014
I never missed a Muppet Show on television, so could not wait to see the Most Wanted. My husband and I laughed out loud all through the movie and appreciated that there was something for adults as well as the children. The cameos were perfect, and helped connect us back to the tv show idea of real and unreal characters. The prisoners were hilarious and perfectly cast. Amazing technology to bring the movie together. Our funniest moments were when Ty Burrell left for vacation and when Josh Groban was revealed. Take your family and have a good laugh. We could use more of those.
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