Not as good as the last one

By boco1105
Written March 23, 2014
I grew up on the Muppets movies, and loved the one they released two years ago. My daughter and I can still watch it over and over. This one just meanders along too long and is a movie I can't imagine watching a second time. Whoever was in charge of the screenplay obviously couldn't condense it into a tighter, quick moving script that mirrors one of the muppets own stage shows itself. The best parts were the visuals from countries in Europe. And, the actor from modern family who plays the Interpol agent is hysterical. I also found it disturbing that the villain was a Russian and it made the gulag look downright fun. It would have been better to use make believe countries and lock-ups. Given the current tensions in the world, any reference in a kids' movie to a real country that we're currently in turmoil with just seems awkward. Plus, my daughter and her friends (3rd graders) nearly fell asleep 2/3 of the way into it, during a matinee. That never happens.
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A movie full of laughs and heart, a Must Go for all!

By arianne1986
Written March 21, 2014
Muppets Most Wanted was absolutely amazing. The wit and humor is jam packed and appeals to both kids and adults alike. So many moments where you burst out laughing! The music is great and terribly addicting. The cameos are great and plenty, but at the heart of it all what makes this movie so great is once again the heart of the Muppets themselves. These characters have a real chance to shine and show everyone once again why they have been love and cherished for so many years. The human co-stars do a fantastic job complimenting the Muppet troupe and a surprising factor is how funny the Gulag scenes are. The puppetry and visuals are also spectacular. Some have been saying that there is way to much "CGI" but in reality it's great green screen work with puppeteers that the puppeteers work tremendously hard to take the Muppet characters to new heights. I literally wanted to turn around and see it again- left with a huge smile and great sense of joy--This movie is a must see!!!
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It was Great!!

By Shafon828
Written March 24, 2014
I thought this would be one of those movies where i'd be incredibly bored while my son laughed away, but it was so entertaining. Made me think of the weekly Muppet Show that came on every Sunday when I was a kid. A must see for sure.
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Sadly not as good as anticipated

By larkflying
Written March 22, 2014
I took 6 children, ages 7 through 13 to see The Muppets Most Wanted. We've seen all the previous Muppet movies and loved most of them, LOVE the TV show, and have most of the episodes on DVD, and thought the Muppet Most Wanted Previews looked really good. However, after the movie, all the children and I agreed that there was just something missing in this movie. Maybe because it was a sequel (as the movie itself mentioned!), maybe because the funny moments were already highlighted by the previews that we'd seen, maybe the cameos just were too jarring, but for whatever the reason, most of the movie seemed a bit lacking in interest. However, it was decent entertainment - nothing really objectionable in it, and some scenes made us all smile, and few laugh out loud. It was the kind of movie we'd rent once on DVD and say, Ok, we've seen that now - but not necessarily a movie that we would buy, or one that I feel like was worth the expense of seeing in the theater.
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If you've ever enjoyed the Muppets, go see this movie!

By bgjill
Written October 10, 2014
As a lifetime fan of The Muppets, I enjoyed Muppets, Most Wanted. I loved the story line(as absurd as it was) and the many humans in the story made it all the more enjoyable. The film was light hearted and poked fun at itself, in typical Muppet style. It was a fun evening and perfect for families of all ages!!
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