By Codemaster660
Written October 14, 2007
Thrilling,suspenceful, Dramatic. very very good. it seemed kind of anti isreali.
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Five Word Review

Written November 21, 2009
Very interesting Israel tookem toschool
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By ggbull
Written July 21, 2009
love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Spielberg's most daring and entertaining masterpiece that brings up the issue of terrorism and the affect of violence.

By Dominic LeRose
Written July 09, 2014
The Summer Olympics in West Germany in 1972 proved to be shocking and sadly triggering. 17 people died: 11 Jewish Olympic coaches or athletes, 5 Black September Palestinian terrorists, and one German police officer. The true violence and wrath occurred when the Jewish government lead a secret operation to hire four assassins to hunt and kill the Palestinians responsible for the deaths. Eric Bana plays Avner, a security agent who is requested to lead the operation. The four men encounter various attacks and end up assassinating many people responsible for the deaths. However, many other people become targeted through the mission due to their encounters...even the four Israeli assassins. Bana gives a flawless performance and portrays a scared and disturbed by violence type of hero who doesn't try to hard when holding his gun. He plays a realistic type of man and is not forced. The story of the Israeli assassin assignment was kept quiet for many years to avoid criticism, but later was revealed allowing legendary artist Steven Spielberg to create this powerhouse film. Every action sequence is not overdone or forced like most films these days, and has realistic violence that serves a purpose and shows a compelling time in history. Spectacular film making from every field brings this genius thriller to the world to show a compelling drama. The thrilling excitement provides an intelligent thriller that is eye-opening to show how Israel has dealt with terrorism for years. The true purpose of the film is to show how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict haunts the lives of many people, which is used through Eric Bana's intriguing character. Avner is so haunted by the violence he experiences that the conflict between the two groups devours him. Spielberg isn't showing how the Israeli's were innocent or how he Palestinians were cruel, instead he shows how each side fights over this land and how the conflict and war on terrorism will continue to affect the world for centuries.
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