No No No

By subp5000
Written August 28, 2012
Worst piece of crap I have ever seen. Please spare me the "emotional journey" BS about this total waste of time. Even the spicy sex scenes cannot save this garbage.
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By Wahlberg-lover
Written January 04, 2008
this film is a must see....david lynch is a grade A director and writer. this film has its twists and turns and people need to watch it all over because you just cant get enought of it.
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Does David Lynch ever make sense?

By lumberjack0125
Written December 16, 2008
The title says it all. I never understand what David Lynch is trying to make. I barely made it all the way through Mulholland Drive. The only reason I don't rate it lower is that I have to say it has the best nudity that money can buy outside of porn.
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Perfect Cinema

By moros49
Written May 06, 2011
One of the greatest films ever made. Emotional, heartbreaking, mysterious, and affecting.
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Mulholland Drive

By armish
Written May 26, 2009
good movie.
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