Pleasantly surprised

By cwilson51
Written July 28, 2014
After "killer Joe" with Mathew M. I was so disappointed in his chose of roles, but decided to give him another chance and see "MUD". Glad I did. The two boys in the movie did a great job.
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Best Movie of 2013 so far.

By taterdnsophsmom
Written July 26, 2014
Superbly acted.. especially by the two boys, Sheridan,Lofland and McConaughey. The movie takes it time developing its characters and leaves you feeling like you understand them so well by the end of the movie. Its a great coming of age movie with a twist. I would highly recommend!
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By Debrasmail
Written June 30, 2013
A really good movie with a story that you can totally believe. A now a day Tom Sawyer tale. It's refreshing to see that Hollywood still can make a great thriller with comedy and heart. The characters are perfectly cast. Bring you boys...great movie
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Great enjoyable movie!

By Spydercage
Written May 15, 2013
This was a great movie. I kinda knew what it was about before I went to go see it but not really. I liked this movie so much, McConaughey give a good performance in/as Mud. Sam Shepard has a great small part along with Reece Witherspoon. That being said the film really belongs to the 2 young kids. They get the bulk of screen time and have the most time involved in all of the story line. They did a great job. It didn't feel rushed or like it took to long to get going. Its a decent pace and keeps you interested. I think it would have gotten more viewers if an early fall or winter release could have been done. Go see it, I liked it and you just might be surprised and like it to.
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Charming and artsy but not for the casual movie goer

By IntenseJim
Written April 29, 2013
And that says it all. Some great poetic and parallel themes with fine acting. Several man-woman relationships are undertoned in this suprisingly sweet coming of age film, slighly reminiscent of STAND BY ME.
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