Written May 06, 2015
Really enjoyed this movie! Great photography, acting and plot. Drama and romance with some mystery. Appropriate for my 9 &11 year old - all adults and kids loved it!
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By lexanne
Written January 31, 2015
This movie was absolutely amazing. The acting was phenomenal. New favorite movie, great twist and great cinematography.
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Mud is a great movie & will surprise you

By trudys24
Written May 06, 2016
I had not seen a lot of trailers or advertising for this movie but it got my interest just staring Matthew McConaughey. Yes I have always been a Matthew fan and wasn't sure at first about this one but it kept my attention the whole time. It's a very beliveable and real life story with superb acting by the entire cast. Not surprising I saw that it was a Cannes film festival pick or winner or something like that. I would recommend this to anyone that appreciates a good movie with a real and realistic plot. Not sure that it is a movie to take the kids to or that teenagers will apppreciate it but defintely one I will suggest to friends.
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By Debrasmail
Written June 26, 2016
A really good movie with a story that you can totally believe. A now a day Tom Sawyer tale. It's refreshing to see that Hollywood still can make a great thriller with comedy and heart. The characters are perfectly cast. Bring you boys...great movie
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Review of "Mud"

By bdop4
Written June 29, 2016
McConaughy keeps getting better and is picking some really good roles. The supporting cast, particularly the young boys, is very good and the story has a timeless feel to it. This movie has been out for a few weeks and the theater was packed, so it seems that it is receiving strong word of mouth acclaim from viewers and will have a long summer run in a fairly broad distribution. Not sure if it will receive oscar consideration, but I wouldn't be disappointed if it did.
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