Pleasantly surprised

By cwilson51
Written May 26, 2016
After "killer Joe" with Mathew M. I was so disappointed in his chose of roles, but decided to give him another chance and see "MUD". Glad I did. The two boys in the movie did a great job.
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Best New Movie This Year

By Great Oz
Written May 28, 2016
After the usual claptrap released through Oscar month, we finally get a worthwhile film. And not just worthwhile, but A-rated. Matthew McConaughhey gets better with each role, but it's the two young boys who steal this picture from him and the scattering of other names in supporting and cameo roles. It's a great coming of age story, packaged as a thriller and a love story. There's lots of swearing, but the film is suitable for pre-teens and up.
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By yorkeileen
Written July 24, 2016
We found it very slow moving and were expecting it to turn around a lot sooner than it did. The plot was good, although the main characters were lacking and I was expecting some interaction between them other than just a wave at the end.
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By nmccleskey
Written June 13, 2013
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By chrissiestreett
Written June 27, 2016
This movie was fantastic. Mathew, although not looking his best was and always will be very easy on the eyes. His talent soars and works as a spring board to the two new and upcomming young actors he shares the screen with. My Ten year old newphew stayed glued to the screen.
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