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By nmccleskey
Written June 13, 2013
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"Mud" is anything but muddy...

By Amorah
Written May 05, 2015
This movie reminded me of the sweetness and poignancy of "Stand By Me" with 2 teenage boys on the cusp of manhood: exploring themselves, trust, relationships and the Mississippi River together. As part of their adventure, they meet a man calling himself Mud living surreptitiously on an island in the middle of the river; he asks for their help, telling them intriguing tales of love, heartache, and heroism. Both are curious, but Ellis takes the lead in trusting this man and determines to help him reunite with his lost love. As the story unfolds, the boys grow up in subtle ways, reminding us all of the awkwardness and innocence of a teenager's life. Every character was defined by their actions and choices, with each actor imbuing their role with realness and believability. This film might just become a staple along with "Stand By Me" and "A Christmas Story" - who knows? If you want your heart warmed without sticky sweetness, see this flick!
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Great enjoyable movie!

By Spydercage
Written February 28, 2015
This was a great movie. I kinda knew what it was about before I went to go see it but not really. I liked this movie so much, McConaughey give a good performance in/as Mud. Sam Shepard has a great small part along with Reece Witherspoon. That being said the film really belongs to the 2 young kids. They get the bulk of screen time and have the most time involved in all of the story line. They did a great job. It didn't feel rushed or like it took to long to get going. Its a decent pace and keeps you interested. I think it would have gotten more viewers if an early fall or winter release could have been done. Go see it, I liked it and you just might be surprised and like it to.
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Great Performances in a surprising coming of age history

By ceta1978
Written August 22, 2014
The performances in almost all the actors are top notch. Sometimes the pacing is a little slow, but it pays off with great performances, and a non spected action sequence at the end that makes sense.
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By bartab
Written May 03, 2015
I expected better from this cast and screenplay.Matthew McConnaughey was good as the character "Mud".Here he is living on this boat in the middle of nowhere with no food.He can't go into the town.Yet he always has a fresh pack of smokes.Reese Witherspoon who is supposed to be a main character has about 10 lines.The relationship between the two is not clear till the second half of the movie.The two boys that befriend Mud give some credibility to the story.Sam Shepard was good .Mud is not a good guy .There are bounty hunters the want to kill him rather than bringing him to justice.Wait till this movie comes on Video.
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