By organmd
Written July 29, 2014
The basic story line is good. The use of rough language is over the top and adds nothing. In fact it dtracts. I do not need to see and hear a 14 year old using vulgar language everytime he opens his mouth. While this maner of speach may be possibly correct for the time and place, 2-3 well placed words would have been enough to deliver the idea.
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"Mud" is anything but muddy...

By Amorah
Written October 01, 2014
This movie reminded me of the sweetness and poignancy of "Stand By Me" with 2 teenage boys on the cusp of manhood: exploring themselves, trust, relationships and the Mississippi River together. As part of their adventure, they meet a man calling himself Mud living surreptitiously on an island in the middle of the river; he asks for their help, telling them intriguing tales of love, heartache, and heroism. Both are curious, but Ellis takes the lead in trusting this man and determines to help him reunite with his lost love. As the story unfolds, the boys grow up in subtle ways, reminding us all of the awkwardness and innocence of a teenager's life. Every character was defined by their actions and choices, with each actor imbuing their role with realness and believability. This film might just become a staple along with "Stand By Me" and "A Christmas Story" - who knows? If you want your heart warmed without sticky sweetness, see this flick!
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Thinking Person's Movie

By murphymcx
Written May 27, 2013
A real original - not a remake or another of the endless repeats of worn out stories. Low budget but great acting from a talented group - well directed. May be slow for those expecting special effects CGI and all that fake stuff. This is a real - gritty - must think about movie that you will remember weeks from now. Cute twist for those Killer Joe fans - when Mud refers to the "can of pumpkin pie filler"
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By thedoctor777
Written September 22, 2014
I loved this film. It is a little slow; but that's fine because it's set in the deep south and that fit this script. It has a good storyline and the director kept it on course from start till finish. I thought that the acting was superb and especially Tye's character. This film some may say is just a little long. I will say that because it is a slow moving film it did seem much longer than its two hour and ten minute run time. Still it's a wonderful movie and I can suggest it to you 100% honesty. Go and enjoy.
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Best New Movie This Year

By Great Oz
Written May 05, 2013
After the usual claptrap released through Oscar month, we finally get a worthwhile film. And not just worthwhile, but A-rated. Matthew McConaughhey gets better with each role, but it's the two young boys who steal this picture from him and the scattering of other names in supporting and cameo roles. It's a great coming of age story, packaged as a thriller and a love story. There's lots of swearing, but the film is suitable for pre-teens and up.
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