Thoroughly Unique, Strong On Talent, Stronger Still On Story.

By Alon Patterson
Written September 23, 2014
It's a rare privilege nowadays to find something genuine and altogether unique at the movies. Rarer still is finding that and actually being entertained. This film is one of those rare gems. Among the many hundreds I see on screen every year, all around the world, I reserve my highest praise to those which actually deserve it. When I see a film, I'm a paying customer and as such, I'm not biased by other interests. I sit out there in the dark many times all alone, others crowded by hundreds of strangers, but when the lights go down all efforts are equal. Even the appeal of the subject matter to me is set aside until the credits roll. This one is a MUST SEE for any movie goer who enjoys story driven, dialog rich, deep character study with simply amazing performances, all wrapped up into one great story. The children alone that lead this cast have very bright futures in film, should that be their choice. See this movie. You won't be disappointed.
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Loved the characters and story telling.

By Nacho Baggo
Written September 21, 2014
The story is really solid and each character sells it whole heartedly. The worst bad guys, the best good guys, and a unique setting on the Mississippi River and its forboding nature all keep you tuned in and waiting for the inevitable climax. Well done.
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By hand_jobs_at_the_movies
Written October 29, 2014
I enjoyed Mud very much. It was touching, exciting, and beautifully shot. The everyday interactions that the two boys had were endearing and sprinkled with humor. Ellis was a compelling main character who was easy to identify with and root for. Mud's gritty and flawed character made the film much more realistic and believable. The action was stimulating without going "Hollywood" over the top. My only disapointment came with the ending. Without giving anything away I feell they should have gone the other direction with final outcome for the Mud character. It would have fit the tone and realism ot the rest of the movie. I would still recommend this movie. It is a well done coming of age movie. It is very reminisent of a Mark Twain story, while still being relevent in 2013.
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By macapple
Written October 29, 2014
I enjoyed Mud very much. The acting was excellent. The boys were wonderful and Matthew McConaughey definitely deserves awards for this performance with and without his shirt. This film is for kids age 8 and up and for everyone who loves a good story.
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By loveforjesus0592
Written August 03, 2013
Interesting movie. Has the makings of a classic. Keeps you hooked till the very end..
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