what woman doesn't drool over Matthew McConnaughey but?

By latkinson000
Written October 26, 2016
Ojk, so Matthew didn't clean up this whole movie but the movie was fabulous, I thought! I just loved it on so many levels, I think his acting was superb. But it was those 2 young boys that made the movie. There acting was wonderful & they carried the movie. It should make you thankful that you have $ to go see a movie because they come from a different world than most of us as far as poverty goes. I thought the script had funny parts & it gave me hope that there really are men who do love.....go see it.
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By hrdecisions
Written June 26, 2016
All around fantastic view of a seldom seen slice of rural America expertly acted, directed, and filmed. Every actor's performance seemed as genuine as the surroundings.
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This is a Genuine Authentic Real Film

By Protoplasm
Written October 25, 2016
This is not a movie like so many that are casualties of talent, or studio production hamstrings that ultimately fall short of the creative ambitions and released as mere cinematic "efforts" - this is a movie that "achieves". The splendor of Jeff Nichol's immersive and captivating story of life's everyday heroes and villains that "come down the river" can not be missed.
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By hgacarolyn
Written December 04, 2016
Movie had good write ups. Showed how misguided dedicated love can mess you up sometimes. Not all women are alike apparently. Neat that the boys and this hide away guy bonded to get him off the island. Ended a bit strange but its a good movie.
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Thoroughly Unique, Strong On Talent, Stronger Still On Story.

By Al P
Written May 03, 2015
It's a rare privilege nowadays to find something genuine and altogether unique at the movies. Rarer still is finding that and actually being entertained. This film is one of those rare gems. Among the many hundreds I see on screen every year, all around the world, I reserve my highest praise to those which actually deserve it. When I see a film, I'm a paying customer and as such, I'm not biased by other interests. I sit out there in the dark many times all alone, others crowded by hundreds of strangers, but when the lights go down all efforts are equal. Even the appeal of the subject matter to me is set aside until the credits roll. This one is a MUST SEE for any movie goer who enjoys story driven, dialog rich, deep character study with simply amazing performances, all wrapped up into one great story. The children alone that lead this cast have very bright futures in film, should that be their choice. See this movie. You won't be disappointed.
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