By yorkeileen
Written November 27, 2014
We found it very slow moving and were expecting it to turn around a lot sooner than it did. The plot was good, although the main characters were lacking and I was expecting some interaction between them other than just a wave at the end.
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By mochamovie
Written May 11, 2013
Story line was good, but didn't go anywhere. Ending left a lot to be desired. Boys were terrific and "Elllis" should be up for an award. There was enough "star power" for this to be a great movie. Missed the mark. Will not buy DVD.
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Not So Fast

By windinthewillow
Written May 06, 2013
Mud is pretty slow to develop and never really gets off the ground. There is some very good acting and the story is believable, but there is very little action and the story line seems to drag. Overall, I'd say it is work seeing, but it ain't no Magic Mike!
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looks like an academy nomination to me!

By kevincasey
Written December 26, 2014
This is one of those rare movies in which the script and screenplay stand out. Everything in the movie just makes sense. No words are wasted and all the characters are believable. The tragedy of situation involving the two adult lovers, Mud and Juniper, did not hit me until on the way home. Mud can never become a father with this girl, as she can never have children. On the other hand, Juniper can screw around with whoever she wants and never have to worry about becoming pregnant. No wonder Mud killed the man who did this to her! Hats off to the child actors. I believe that both should receive academy nominations: Tye Sheridan (Ellis) for best actor, and Jacob Lofland (the unforgettable Neckbone) for best supporting actor!
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Plot twists galore

By jedicindy
Written March 29, 2015
Two boys find a boat in a tree, meet a strange man, and life gets exciting from there on out. A Southern coming of age flick with romance, revenge, gunplay, explosions, and teen logic. Plus an actual plot and believable characters.
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