Much Ado About Nothing Synopsis
One couple engages in a "merry" war of words, while another falls prey to a malicious schemer.
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Brilliant, fresh, beautiful take on a classic!

By princess1575
As soon as I heard about this production, I have been impatiently awaiting its release. That kind of buildup could set unrealistically high expectations, but Joss brilliantly adapted Shakespeare's...

Much Ado About Awesome!

By mtw91010
What a fantastic job by one & all. I ususally hate when Shakepeare is sent in a different era than intended, but it is done with such aplomb that it actuallt enhances the experience. Plus, it should...

Much Ado About Nothing - SEE IT!

By Josscat
This is an excellent rendition of Shakespeare's excellent play! I've been seeing plays by The Bard since I was a kid, and have always been a fan, but usually when the show starts I spend about 10...

It's more than nothing

By KentsWife
Once I got into the rhythm of Shakespeare's dialogue, it is such a clever story. However, I didn't think the villains were that villainous. Very snappy - good humor - happy ending :)....

much ado about nothing

By franzitalabella
the acting is some of the best Ive seen this year, Amy acker should get an oscar as should Joss Whedon for everything els about this film....

Fun reunion of Whedon alums

By stevelprescott
For fans of Joss Whedon, this movie is such a fun experience to see the former TV stars reunited, sometimes in new combinations. It did take my ears and brain a few minutes to get back into hearing...

Joss Whedon's Much Ado is Phenomenal

By JLFerg
The acting is superb, the cinematography is delightful (shots through windows, close ups, lots of care taken to what each shot should look like), the music is so fitting. I love that it was black and...


By grimesgolden1
Can each & everyone act? This should be an Oscar statue for this ensemble! The setting is supportive of the discourse.Fillon is funny as hell as Dogberry. Unlike the usual presentation of this play...

Lovely, lyrical and (at times) laugh out loud giddy

By dprnesq
Long awaited, much enjoyed. Will see again 3-4 times on the big screen to catch all the tiny details that flew by so quickly at the first viewing: puns, sight gags, context to name a few. Setting was...

Best be ready to think

By Greil
Very intriguing having a 16 th century story set in the 21 st century where it all works except the scandal surrounding women's virtue. It os riotous as is the play off of which it is based. If the...

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Rated PG-13 | For Brief drug use and some sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Very accessible, jubilant Shakespeare with brief bawdiness.
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