• Released
  • January 16, 2015
  • (Limited Release)
  • 3 hr 11 min
  • Action/Adventure
MSG: The Messenger of God Synopsis
MSG - The Messenger of God is a revolutionary film with a gripping storyline. The film is packed with action, high drama, suspense and stunts performed by a real-life spiritual master - Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Movie Reviews


By Shawn Dhaliwal
Don't waste your money. Save your money and watch better movie. Crap movie...

Bad movie

By pohdhaliwal
Don't watch this criminals movie. This Baba have rape case, murder charges....

0 star

By rajveerfor26


By inderpreet.ravinder
All bullshit...

Crap movie

By Kiransanghera81
Don't waste your time and money to watch this movie. Horrible movie. If there was a negative star I would give negative to this movie....

0 star for this CARTOON

By ginny747
worst movie made ever! do not waste your money to watch this cartoon.....


By bccab916
Rapest, criminal, theif, murderer...

Mono Sodium Glutamate

By suitableone
Like the other MSG, this MSG is also bad for your health - both your intellectual health/sanity, and your physical health - you might tear your hair out....

0 stars. Its crap.

By jeeven
I was forced to give it 1 star, but it does not even deserve that. It was Crap....