Mr. Woodcock Synopsis
A young man tries to stop his mother from marrying his old gym teacher (Thornton), who made high school hell.
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By Daydream
I thought this movie was going to be funnier than it actually was. It was a little sad. Susan Sarandon was a little disappointing. I didnt like her role at all. Just a thoughtless wannabe comedy....

Very Funny

I saw this movie last night, it is really funny, you should go see it...

It's a load of big ol' fat woodcock.

By Some_ol'_Doo
Not that great....

I left after 40 minutes

By jam583
It was so horrible I couldn't stand to sit in the theatre and had to get up and leave. Luckily only about 10 others were in the theatre that night! This movie SUCKS....


By austin123456
the movie was ok...

Dont do it!

By bigstevebpt
I wouldnt waste the money to see it in the theatre. The trailer makes it look alot better than it is.. I saw the screening for free and almost left early.. only thing that kept me there is that it...

Laugh Out Loud Funny

By ma2cool
Susan Sarandon is wonderful in whatever she does, but to see her in a comedy of this sort was great. Billy Bob Thornton has grown on me over the years and is ok. Seann William Scott brought it to the...

Good, but not quite Bad Santa

By MovieGuyNJ
Of all the comedies that Billy Bob Thornton has made, this one is probably his second best. Bad Santa, of course, remains the shining star and my favorite holiday movie. Thornton reminds me of the...

Mr. Woodcock

By yvekin
It was definitely one of the worst movies i have ever seen. The preview for it looked so much better. It barely had any funny moments. I was actually embarassed for Susan Sarandon to be so desperate...

Mr. Woodcock

By insplady
I thought it was a very funny movie, I laughed a lot, I would recommend it for anyone who loves comedy...

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Rated PG-13 | For crude and sexual content, thematic material, language and a mild drug reference
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Common Sense Media says More abusive humor from Billy Bob Thornton.
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