Great for kids and adults

By maynard_ar
Written June 13, 2011
Just watched Mr. Poppers Penguins this morning, it was really funny, if you like Jim Carrey comedy, you'll like this movie,.It's not to the extreme of Pet Detective. More of a comedy than a kids movie. I got a chuckle while watching one scene where it was obvious that they subbed ***with butt that someone had spoken, you can tell they changed it a little bit to make it more kid friendly. The Penguins take on the mannerisms or traits closer to humans than wild animals. This of course is to play more into the comedy of the movie, as you see the penguins playing off everything Mr Popper says to them, as if they can understand everything the humans say to the penguins, Which I think they did a good job at, some of the human-penguin back and forth was pretty amusing. Jim Carrey takes on a more mature persona in this movie without losing the great comedic factor he's know for. I think it would have been a little better to see those CGI penguins flying around in 3D though
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Poppers Penguins Pleases

By wsangston
Written June 23, 2011
I am the parent of a 12 and 10 year old and we all loved this movie. Jim Carrey is endearing and very entertaining. The story is totally different than the book, but it was great!!
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By hewe
Written June 18, 2011
This was laugh out loud funny and a feel good movie. I recommend this for kids!
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By redyeah
Written June 14, 2011
This is what my nephew has to say after watching the free screening. I agree. Just don't expect oscar caliber performances. But if you want a family friendly film that even the adults will laugh at, this is your film.
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cute family comedy

By diet pepsi
Written January 13, 2012
well we rented this blueray as a christmas treat for my siblings and it was a real treat for all of us we realy enjoyed mr carey acting his usualy funny self and the rest of the cast was not half bad either so i realy enjoyed it and so did the rest of my family so i say see it and you will be glad you did
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