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Better than Lego Movie

By Bretlewis
Written December 09, 2016
I saw this with my 9 year old son after just seeing the Lego movie. I thought the story dragged on in the Lego Movie and that the storyline for Mr. Peabody was much bettr. Though Mr. Peabody doesn't really have any of the characteristics of a dog, what better backdrop for the creation of humor and humorous characatures than history and the trip this dog and Sherman take us on from Ancient Greece, to the Renaissance, to the French Revolution. Some of it went right over my son's head, but my son came out of it feeling like he learned something, which is more than he gets from any other cartoon. At the end of the day, I enoyed it and my son enjoyed it, though he still says he preferred the Lego Movie better, which I atrribute to his unafamiliarity to Mr. Peabody.
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Worth the price of admission!

By TheGreeneHouse3
Written October 26, 2016
I took my 6 yr old son and 4 yr old daughter and they both really enjoyed it. Cute characters, good lessons and nothing in the humor was overly PG. There is a good deal of humor for the adults too. Two thumbs up!
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mr peobody and sherman

By mitchellkcm
Written March 08, 2014
my eight year old son and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie. i was a big fan of mr peobody from his bullwinkle days so was inclined to like the movie. plot is a little more complex than the original cartoon but the personalities of the main characters are endearing and the historical figures highly amusing. my son, of course, wants to go again...
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Terrible waste of your life. DO NOT BOTHER.

By JasonBarile
Written August 27, 2016
I had hope for this movie based on the previews, but it was terrible. It started off with a very strange rhythm... almost like you'd walked into the middle of it rather than the beginning. It was full of crude jokes, descriptions of death, blood, and gore (which my 6yo's hated), and stupid puns that nobody found funny. We saw 3 families leave halfway through with their kids and not come back. You'd be better off sitting alone in a quiet dark room for an hour and a half than to waste your time with this film.
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Peabody and Sherman is great for the entire family

By eurekathunder
Written October 01, 2016
The kids really enjoyed the movie. There are jokes for the adults, not just the kids. We will definitely buy this movie when it becomes available. It was cute and entertaining.
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