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SO cute!!

By kellyckelly
Written May 26, 2016
Absolutely loved this movie! Lots of action, sweet storyline with many good messages, taught my kids some history in a fun way, and most of all we laughed a lot! Sherman is the cutest animated little boy!
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By maturobe
Written August 27, 2016
Completely enjoyed this movie! Creative all the way around!! My children absolutely loved it! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD so we can buy it! Great for any age!
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By iriejelry
Written November 11, 2014
This movie was funny and engaging but best of all it taught a message that we should accept ourselves and those we love for who they are. Don't allow others to influence how you see yourself. Love those in your life because they are good for you and treat you well even if others don't understand them.
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Mr Peabody and Sherman

By johncookinterport
Written November 11, 2014
You should go to the movie Mr Peabody & Sherman. It is an amazing movie. The characters do stuff that we can’t do, like a dog talking. Mr Peabody is so cool. Mr Peabody can go back in time with an invention called the Wayback to go to different countries. I give it 600 stars. It is good for children and grown-ups. You should go today. I am serious. Go today. --Alex
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Fun movie, go see it!

By WehrWulf
Written March 09, 2014
Had a van full of kids for a bday party, on the trip home after the movie the kids were all trading what they knew about the Trojan Horse/War, Egypt & Tut and DaVinci's Mona Lisa etc. we weren't expecting that! The movie was fun, & championed intellect and discovery over fighting. This is sequel & series worthy -go see it!
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