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Mr. Peabody and Sherman

By jillsayany
Written March 23, 2014
Thought is was fun, intelligent, sensitive, creative, fast moving ... a MUST SEE!!! The voices and acting are fantastic. A great way for kids to learn history! Already hoping there is a second movie in the works!
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I loved the message

By Susie Sunflower
Written March 17, 2014
I liked this movie. I'm not big on animals playing human like rolls but I liked this movie due to its message. OBEDIENCE. I also liked underline message that love in reciprocal. It was fun to watch. It was funny, entertaining, and EDUCATIONAL. The writing was terrific. I thought the journey we were taken on was adventurous. I'd like to see another installment. This could be a great history learning experience. Perfect for all ages.
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A hit with the grandkids

By ahastings
Written March 16, 2014
My grandkids (8 and 6) really enjoyed it. It was fun for me too to see how many of those events they knew about. My 6-year-old granddaughter, when she saw the Mona Lisa said "Oh, that must be France!" I told her it was Italy -- but then realized she was right that that's where the Mona Lisa is today!
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By mcclain121397
Written March 24, 2014
It's a cute movie. Lots of action, and humor. Some for the kids, some for the adults. Our 3 kids enjoyed it (9 year old and two 4 year olds). If you don't make it to the theatre, then rent it for sure!
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Disaster of a movie

By sluggo65
Written March 13, 2014
This movie was terrible. Takes all the fun our of Mr Sherman and Peabody! The movie talks down to adults AND kids, is condescending and smarmy, with huge plot holes. (I know, i KNOW, it's a kids movie -- but Pixar movies manage to be logical and not talk down to kids or adults!) The only saving grace was Sherman. The actor was cute and sweet. Ty Burrell has one of the most annoying voices and characterizations EVER as Mr Peabody. I wanted to yell SHUT THE HELL UP over and over. The other characters are overblown and grating. The little girl is utterly unlikable.... and there's only ONE of her... (this is a major plot point i don't spoil, but THERE WAS ONLY ONE OF HER.) Just a terrible movie.
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