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Light hearted brainey fun

By travelyn
Written September 25, 2016
My 8-year old grandson loved it, of course. It was entertaining for adults as well -- especially if you like sci-fi back to the future stuff. The characters go way way back in history and I think a lot of the story goes over the kids' heads, but there certainly was enough to entertain them. Mr. Peabody the dog was so cute with his little glasses and bowtie. My grandson's favorite character was Sherman.
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Cute and Funny

By michellealebo
Written August 23, 2014
Loved the message this movie sends to children about the importance of listening. It was very cute and had its funny parts. Would definitely watch this movie again.
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By mapringle412
Written July 02, 2016
Mr. Peabody & Sherman is a great movie for the family. It's funny and entertaining. It is not a waste of your money. It's my favorite movie! Hilarious!
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Something for everyone

By jmudukes83
Written May 28, 2016
Although the movie started out slow, it picked up steam about 1/4 of the way in to it. Stick with it because it is worth it! There is definitely a layer of "funny" that will appeal to adults without offending the kids. Both adults and kids can find something they like in this movie. Enjoy!
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Mr. Peabody and Sherman By Sophia Smith a first grader

By melunasmith
Written August 23, 2014
Mr. Peabody invented the first way back. The way back can go as far in time as you want to go. Mr. Peabody and Sherman and Penny go back in time to ancient Egypt and they meet Kin Tutt. They meet the people of long ago and Paris too. Mr. Peabody gets in a fight with them. Mr. Peabody wins. The Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie is better then the Lego movie and the first Muppet movie because they are not as interesting. Grab your family and some treats and go too….. The Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie! If you want to get a close look at the movie get there early, so you can get a seat in the middle because that is the best seat to see the movie in! Get to the movie theater early so you don't have to wait in line. If you don't listen to my warning you will be sorry. I give Mr. Peabody and Sherman 20 hearts. I recommend that you see this movie. I love this movie!!!
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