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Mr. Peobody & his boy, Sherman...

By Charylane SuperStar
Written March 11, 2014
I grew up watching Rocky & Bullwinkle and remember Mr. Peabody and his boy, Sherman. It was great seeing this family updated and brought to the 2000s! It is a sweet, funny, adventurous, and fun tale of a father and son learning to be a father and son as the son begins to become a little more independent. The storyline was good & there were quite a lot of humorous moments. The graphics, colors, and technology all come together to form believability in the Wayback Machine! Fun for the whole family, especially those of us who grew up watching Mr. Peabody & Sherman!
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Mr. Peabody and Sherman

By jfrederking
Written March 12, 2014
My girlfriend and I brought 7 kids between us (ages 5-10) and we had not one bathroom or refilled popcorn request. This is a must see movie for all ages!!
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Mr. Peabody and Sherman

By rowyourboat844
Written April 28, 2015
Unlike most people I had never heard of Peabody and Sherman and the animated series that it was based on. The film was wonderful. Funny, and very human. Brilliant animation and great in introducing history. Were I a history teacher, I would have all my students see it. They'd learn a lot while having fun. Most of the people in the rows in front of us had children under 8. They enjoyed it and my guess is had little idea about the history, although it was perhaps a first introduction for them. Especially given winter snow, this film is a great antidote to winter blahs.
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A cartoon classic brought back to life!

By The Phrozen One
Written April 28, 2015
I took my daughter to see this movie as a reward to celebrate straight A's on her 9 weeks report card. She enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed seeing something I watched on T.V. every morning before school as a kid on the big screen. Being smart and intelligent is a cool thing! You may learn a little about history watching this movie. :-) I recommend everyone to go see this movie on the next family movie night.
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Nostalgic and just plain funny and enjoyable !!!

By xraydocira86
Written March 16, 2014
I took my 12 year old son and we had an absolutely fabulous time. The voices of Peabody and Sherman were great and the many other characters and voices were super. The story is wonderful and filled with laugh out loud moments for adults and older children. Two thumbs up from both of us !!!
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