Mr. Nobody

By TheoWallace
Written December 22, 2011
Amazing production but without a standard movie story through-line. It may remind you of Tree of Life, Slaughterhouse Five, Sliding Doors, Across the Universe, 2001, The Usual Suspects... A philosophical exploration of determinism, time, and taking multiple paths-not-taken in life. If you are comfortable with arty, unconventional narrative, this is really a great movie. Mr. Nobody cost $60 million to make, looks like it cost $200 million, and as of the end of 2011, it has only been shown to two audiences in the US in the two-years-plus since it was made in 2009.
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By codeyhaun
Written November 01, 2013
Changed the way I see the universe.
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By srazo155
Written February 04, 2014
Great movie!
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