Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

By jborg
Written November 05, 2007
Mr. M's Emporium was entertaining and family friendly and for that alone I'd say "Go!" The draw-back (if you care about this sort of thing) is that Natalie Portman's performance as an insecure scattered individual was hard to believe at times. This could create "bad dreams" for children 4 and under, but great for the 4-13 crowd (and older :) A nice option for early holiday family movie-goers!
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Magical Movie Experience For The Entire Family!

By thouger
Written November 12, 2007
We saw the world sneak preview at the Denver Stars Film Festival and it was amazing. What a magical movie experience. Very good story for both the young and old. Dustin Hoffman was perfect and this movie teaches some very good life lessons. I'm probably talking vague because I really don't want to give anything away. Nevertheless, you will not be disappointed! Definately...two thumbs way up! A Must See!!!
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Just really kind of boring!

By moviefanwith3kids
Written December 17, 2007
I thought this looked like such a cute movie. Perfect for my kiddos, or so I thought. They were so bored. It is to bad because: the idea was there, the actors were there, the effects were there and the plot could have been there....... but it was not. It focused to much on the relationship between the shopkeeper and the employee and not nearly enough on the ownders of the store. All the producer/director etc had to do was watch charlie and the chocolate factory and they would have seen the way to go to make this successful. My suggetion worth the rental at your local redbox for $1, but not worth the money it costs to go to the theater.
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Christmas List.

By Daydream
Written November 19, 2007
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium is sure a mouthful, however the movie itself seemed less complex than the title. Mr. Magorium, played by Dustin Hoffman, is the 243 year old manager of the toy store who one day runs out of shoes and decides it is his time to leave. There are many instances of imagination, randomness and fun that make this "G" movie very suitable for younger children. This movie was almost like looking at a Toys R Us catalog come to life. It is a Christmas list waiting to be written. This movie is not aimed for adults, but is great for kids.
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N o magic in this Emporium!

By longtallsally
Written December 01, 2007
Do not waste your money, let alone your time seeing this film. Although the concept was thought out, the film fell flat in all areas. Dustin Hoffman is a wonderful actor, but the writing left this character that was supposed to be a bit "over the top", with much to be desired. Even the scenes that were meant to be heartwarming rendered a big yawn from me. The speical effects were so obviously computer generated that they did not allow the viewer to buy into the magic of this very special toy store. Also, be aware that Mr. Magorium dies. Don't worry, I am not ruining the movie here as it is already pitiful to begin with and Magorium's deathis not the end of the movie. I am just stating this because you may take your young children, children that are very young, that possibly have not been introduced to death and dying. Just wanted all of you to be ready for that impromtu chat about death with your three year old! A lackluster film at best and even that is being generous.
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