Thriller of the year

By djalloy
Written June 08, 2007
What drew me to this movie, having read about it already, was Kevin Costner playing a serial killer. The whole premise for it seemed good anyway but was fascinated to see what Mr Costner would be like. I was not disappointed. The dual personality with Marshall was great and I liked the idea that he was not bribed by the photographer, who was simply looking for the ultimate thrill. The way it all tied together too was good and Demi Moore was excellent.
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Worth A Go

By Stoneblu
Written June 26, 2007
I found it interesting because I was curious to see how Kevin Costner would be in this type of charachter. Thought he did a good job. William Hurt was great as always. The rest of the actors were ok. Gave Dane Cook a "gold star", not bad for a rookie. The plot was good enough to keep me interested and I thought the ending was good. We didn't leave for the concession stand during the movie for fear of missing something. On a scale of 1-10 give it a 7-1/2-8. :)
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Mr. Brooks

By mostly tired
Written June 16, 2007
The William Hurt character presence bothered me. As far as movies have come, I thought his presence should not have been so "visible" and it took a while of Brooks talking to him before you realized than no one else could hear what Brooks was saying. I thought it would have been better if theif conversations were as "thoughts", not acual dialogue. I did think Costner was great in the role. Loved the ending.
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dark, twisted and engaging

By dmlr1969
Written June 01, 2007
Costner does good on this one - William Hurt is very demented. Good Plot and Sub plots keep the story moving. You will jump in your seat at least once during this movie.
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Mr. Brooks- family & friends not allowed to critique

By electrifying
Written June 04, 2007
Who would give this a positive review? Ignorance or family! a classic- no.
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