Mr. Brooks

By Flarky
Written June 25, 2007
Many plot twists. At times a little hard to follow. Costner did a good job with the role. The dialogue between Brooks and the "alter ego" at times slowed down the pace of the movie. This is one to rent the second time and watch more closely.
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By stormy waters
Written June 15, 2007
It was a little slow, but still good. Kevin Costner was great and Dane Cook was surprisingly good in a dramatic role. The only bad thing was the sub-plot with Demi Moore.
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By meggg
Written August 10, 2007
i thought the twistt was really good, & the whole movie it kept you at the edge of your seat justt wondering what was going to happen next
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Very Clever

By fusakok
Written June 13, 2007
I am not a big Kevin Costner Fan but this movie made me one. The plot is unique different than movies I have ever encountered before.
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Everyone has demons within them!

By movieman65
Written November 11, 2007
This movie tells a very true fact about people as a whole. Most of us have a dark side that can be, under the right conditions, awakened at times in one's life. We have the option to control this evil side of ours. Sometimes we can fall prey to temptation, evil, and negative thoughts that can consume us to the point of acting out our bad mental imagination. Just as the BTK killer was a great person to his neighbors and his church members. Yet he had a very sinister and evil side that would emerge and he would commit such horrible atrocities to people around him.
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