True suspense!

By MistrK
Written September 23, 2007
Rather than read reviews about good/great performances, an inventive/creative script, why not go and enjoy a good suspensefilled summer movie?
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Mr. Brooks

By Glencorse
Written June 14, 2007
Excellent acting, good dialogue. A little slow but well thought out plot which held my attention. I really recommend this. Good to see Kevin Costner as a bad guy and William Hurt at his sarcastic best!
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Most irresponsible use of cinema!

By MovieMad2
Written June 04, 2007
Yes, Kevin Costner is convince, William Hurt is compelling but the fact that a movie is made about someone who "gets off" on killing randomly is disgusting. I sat there through the movie wondering what's wrong with me that I would sit and watch such a repulsive concept for cinema and finally walked out. I think the making of this movie (along with the "Natural Born Killers" genre) is irresponsible and sick. I would NOT recommend this to anyone who is affected by watching the desperation and fear on the faces of innocent people as a bullet is shot into their head, torso, etc. or if you have any desire to believe we live in a decent world. I have no doubt people like this exist, I just don't want to spend my money watching what they do and how it gets their rocks off.
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Very Clever

By fusakok
Written June 13, 2007
I am not a big Kevin Costner Fan but this movie made me one. The plot is unique different than movies I have ever encountered before.
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Everyone has demons within them!

By movieman65
Written November 11, 2007
This movie tells a very true fact about people as a whole. Most of us have a dark side that can be, under the right conditions, awakened at times in one's life. We have the option to control this evil side of ours. Sometimes we can fall prey to temptation, evil, and negative thoughts that can consume us to the point of acting out our bad mental imagination. Just as the BTK killer was a great person to his neighbors and his church members. Yet he had a very sinister and evil side that would emerge and he would commit such horrible atrocities to people around him.
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