Mr. Brooks

By Glencorse
Written June 14, 2007
Excellent acting, good dialogue. A little slow but well thought out plot which held my attention. I really recommend this. Good to see Kevin Costner as a bad guy and William Hurt at his sarcastic best!
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Most irresponsible use of cinema!

By MovieMad2
Written June 04, 2007
Yes, Kevin Costner is convince, William Hurt is compelling but the fact that a movie is made about someone who "gets off" on killing randomly is disgusting. I sat there through the movie wondering what's wrong with me that I would sit and watch such a repulsive concept for cinema and finally walked out. I think the making of this movie (along with the "Natural Born Killers" genre) is irresponsible and sick. I would NOT recommend this to anyone who is affected by watching the desperation and fear on the faces of innocent people as a bullet is shot into their head, torso, etc. or if you have any desire to believe we live in a decent world. I have no doubt people like this exist, I just don't want to spend my money watching what they do and how it gets their rocks off.
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Gotta see it

By pily08
Written June 07, 2007
Well done lovely twists
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MR. Brooks!

By openingday_queen
Written June 16, 2007
Very well done movie with Kevin Costner playing an evil role. But I think that William Hurt stole the movie with his own craziness, being the evil voice in Costners' head, and his sense of humor. Good question to ask yourself, "Can you be born this way?"
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Mr. Brooks

By rintintin
Written June 02, 2007
I was appalled at the violence and the message that killing can be fun, a rush, exhilarating, and addictive. Maybe everyone should try it. And that it can be genetic. There was nothing positive about this movie and I'm sure someone will be influenced enough to test it out themselves. I am disappointed in Kevin Costner and William Hurt for their roles. I felt dirty for having seen it. A sick movie.
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