Mr. Brooks

By bballlakers
Written June 16, 2007
A bit predictable at times. Very entertaining movie. William Hurt was pretty good and made it somewhat funny.
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By ztekneq
Written June 02, 2007
Me being a complete movie junkie was all over this after seeing the previews. I was completely impressed and happy with Costner's performance.
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Costner and Hurt Should Learn How To Read....

By gasparm
Written June 15, 2007
Mr. Brooks would have been 100% better had the script been edited and if the director had been Alfred Hitchcock. As far as the acting is concerned...Kevin Costner as a scizophrenic is unbelievable to me. Demi Moore and Dane Cook should go to acting school....especially Ms. Moore if she is thinking of reviving her career.
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My Worst Father's Day Gift

By Jerry King
Written June 18, 2007
First let me say that the cast was excellent. The movie's set, costumes and special effects including the sound was excellent. The story line was good, however, the writers did not follow thru on the basic principals of the old theme of Jeckle and Hyde. They assumed that the audience would only be interested in the gory and senseless killing of innocent persons. It was a nice effect having a visible demon for Mr Brooks to talk with. The repeated use of the "F" word was unecessary, distracting and demeaning to the entire production. Prehaps the director, producer and screenwriters should all watch a few old movies where the bad guys receive their just reward rather than glorify them as they did in this movie. My opinion is that this was one of the most wasteful two hours that I have spent, not to mention the waste in ticket price.
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MR. Brooks!

By openingday_queen
Written June 16, 2007
Very well done movie with Kevin Costner playing an evil role. But I think that William Hurt stole the movie with his own craziness, being the evil voice in Costners' head, and his sense of humor. Good question to ask yourself, "Can you be born this way?"
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