By cball0507
Written May 23, 2007
I loved Earl Brooks! Even though it's technically wrong to kill people, he does it with such intelligence and style that I couldn't help but be a fan. Can't wait til it comes out so my friends can see it and be blown away!
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An Unexpected Success

By attomica
Written June 07, 2007
I went to this movie with a bit of skepticism, but was pleasantly suprised. I enjoy movies with a lot of little twists and unexpected turns and this movie was definitely one with a lot of them. Other movies have disappointed me with their group of unrelated sub-plots, but Mr. Brooks made great use of a thread that tied these twists and turns together. I thought Kevin Costner plays a more sinister character well and, despite my dislike for Dane Cook, I will say he played his character convincingly. I cannot think of a single element that I found glaringly bad and I left the theater with the feeling that I had just seen a really good movie.
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Mr. Brooks

By camaazmovieman
Written June 25, 2007
I am a 43 year old male and have been a movie goer for over 30 years and this was a top 3 movie experience. Best suspense thriller bar none. I dare anyone to go see this and not walk away without your heart ready to leap out of your chest!!!
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Mr. Brooks

By Elaine Ingle
Written June 02, 2007
Although the acting was good, I was offended by the language and the violence portrayed in this movie. Yes, it was R rated and yes, it was about a serial killer; however, I believe the constant use of vulgarity was not necessary. I was also uncomfortable with the fact that it made you want to cheer for a serial killer! The only positive thing I can say is it did a very good job of showing the inner struggle of a serial killer and his sense of knowing what he is doing is wrong, but the knows it is an additction for him.
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Five Word Review

By misscb
Written February 01, 2010
Leading A Strange Double Life
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