Spoilers, don't ruin movie for everyone else.

By druman2
Written June 08, 2007
Why do people give away too much information when critiquing a movie? Please remember when writing reviews not to spoil or give too much information out. It is a review, not a synopsis. Give us your opinion, but leave out the details of the movie. If we want to know this information, we will look up the spoilers on the movie.
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Mr Brooks

By LetsAllGo2TheMovies
Written June 09, 2007
This is Outstanding Work by Kevin Costner, worthy of an Oscar Award!!!!! I study Psychology on an ongoing basis, and am a Mental Health Advocate because of what I was exposed to while working as a Quality Improvement Manager in a horrifying Behavioral Health Private Hospital. I was completely in awe of how well this movie was written,directed and performed! William Hurt performing as Marshall was Outstanding also! The Casting Director did a perfect job of pairing these two up. Demi Moore as the detective was outstanding as well! I love her in all of her movies, what a great actor since childhood! I'm glad that she can still perform and stay in the big screen business....congratulations Demi! The Actor that was voyeur, was outstanding also! What outstanding Movie....makes you not want to get married though doesn't it...cause you never know. But I would marry Kevin Costner ...I love him!
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Mr. Brooks

By cnotewillis
Written June 09, 2007
This was a great movie, lots if twists and turns. Costner finally found a good role to play. This movie is full of big name stars and is definately worth going to see.
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Unexpectedly Good

By crnberrie2
Written June 03, 2007
I've always enjoyed Costner's films (yes, even Waterworld!) and love suspenseful thrillers, so I gave it a shot. I didn't know much going in except "Kevin Costner as a Serial Killer." LOVED this film! Costner's subtle charm serves to disturb you even more because you know right off the bat that he is a very sick man. His pairing with William Hurt is fantastic and the relationship between the two is so natural, full of malice and humor and conflict. Do watch for the unexpected funny moments, like Costner and Hurt hoping Cook gets hit by a car. Didn't mind the subplots with Demi and his daughter, and curious to see the expected sequesls. Definitely some gore in parts, especially in the end. And made for only $18 million? WORTH EVERY PENNY.
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good not great

By eldrakeo
Written July 27, 2008
There u go
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