Creepy, Electric!!!

By magicdaddya
Written May 22, 2007
I saw this movie in a preview. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to. Without giving too much away, it's the kind of movie that makes you face the worst part of your soul. It's the kind of movie where you want to turn away, knowing what is going to happen, but find yourself drawn magnetically to the characters. Surprisingly it leaves you craving for more. Here's hoping there's a Mr. Brooks 2.
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Don't take your eyez of the screen!!!

By Hey_Vido
Written May 23, 2007
This movie as a rollercoaster of suspense and they way the characters work so well together in this movie makes it one for the cooler conversations on Monday. Kevin Costner has given himself a new hat to wear with a role like this. Look forward to see him do more stuff like this. If you would like to see him in a role that might get you ready for this. Go rent Graceland it will start to give you an idea of how good he can be in a bad guy role.
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Very Disturbing and NO redeeming value at all

By rmcovino
Written June 03, 2007
Terrible !! Because Fandangos reviews stated Must Go... I decided to see this movie. All 5 of us were VERY Disappointed. This movie is extremely violent and not enjoyable at all. Do NOT go and see it. No redeeming value. It is our opinion that movies like this should not be made.
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By dj4peace
Written June 13, 2007
One of the best crime movies I've seen in ages. Costner is not one of my fav's but he was great in this. The movie keeps you trying to figure out what is next, and you can't! They come up with shocks and surprises galore. As a crime movie fan, I usually can figure out what's happening next, but not with this one. Go to the bathroom before you begin watching because you will not want to leave your seat for a minute. Excellent acting by all: Wm. Hurt 's role was also an intriguing character, and the acting was, again, excellent. The interplay between Hurt and Costner was marvelous. The mix of horror and humor was intriguing and disturbing at the same time. The intrigue between Brooks and his daughter was spine tingling. Really a fantastic movie. Don't miss it! I can't wait for the DVD to see it again and again and again.........dj4
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Mr Brook's

By ctb6187
Written June 15, 2007
This movie is an awesome thriller you get to see Kevin Costner play a killer, a role he hasn't ever played. But it is a great movie, you sit at the edge of your seat confused but then it all changes and you understand completly what's going on... GO SEE THIS FLICK
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