By Movie Freak10
Written June 03, 2007
This Movie Is So Good And Entertaining.The Movie Was Such A good Thriller I never Thought The Guy Would Be Murder If I Meet Him.Just Take My Advice Go See Mr.Brooks!!!!!!!!!!Definitly 5 Starz
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By newton615
Written May 08, 2007


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Mr. Brooks

By cinemasister
Written June 15, 2007
It seems a bit strange to say that "I loved this film"--considering its very dark and disturbing subject matter--but it was so well executed (no pun intended) that I highly recommend it. Costner delivers a cool, dispassionate performance as he struggles with inner demons to balance his dual role of loving father and family man with that of a cold-blooded, serial killer. And Hurt plays "Bonnie to Costner's Clyde or vice versa" as his diabolical, yet outrageously witty alterego and partner in crime. Moore's performance is the most subdued of the trio, but it's very effective as the tough, female cop / detective in hot pursuit of a pathological killing machine. This one is a winner with a superb cast, plot, and script.
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Mr. Brooks

By OgyJoe
Written May 22, 2007
The movie is not even out yet, so I am not going to litter this "review" with spoilers. You are just going to have to get you lazy butt up out of that computer chair, drive to a theater, and see it yourself. What I can tell you is that the movie is full of plot twists. Some of them are obvious (at least if you watch as many movies as I), and you see them coming a mile away, but others are far more devious. And I can almost guarantee that you will get a "jump" at least twice within the course of the movie. Kevin Cosner, Dane Cook, and Demi Moore are all phenomenal in this movie. Even though he's a killer, you still can't help but love Cosner's character. Cook provides the sarcasm and dry wit that we have all come to know him for, without any of it being over the top or out of place. And Moore plays the bad-a$$ "loose cannon" cop perfectly. It all leads to an ending that will leave you with a very Neoesque "Whoa!" feeling as you leave the theater. I am out of room, so just go see it.
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Outstanding Seat Grabber

By AMC_Zander
Written June 01, 2007
This movie has an outstanding plot. The way the director portrays the charector of Mr. Brooks leaves you sitting at the edge of your seat. Not knowing what will happen keeps your eyes focused on what is going on. Ever charector has their twists. Overall an outstanding movie that I am proud to say: Go See!
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