One of the greatest gangster docs of all time

By rachelguthermann
Written October 25, 2007
Mr. Untouchable has redefined what documentaries regarding icon gangsters such as Nicky Barnes should look like. The fact they were able to find Barnes and interview him for this movie alone set the bar Mr. Untouchable extremely high. It should be noted that Barnes has been in hiding under the witness protection program for over 20 years with a million dollar bounty on his head (need I say more?). I can¹t help it I loved the movie, the interviews of his old cronies, police officers, informants, lawyers, detectives, and Barnes himself all helped lay the ground work for an incredible ride. A must see for anyone that loves the Godfather, Sopranos, Scarface, The Wire, or any other mob/gangster affiliated TV show or movie. The folks at Magnolia Films + Damon Dash have really out done themselves with this film. Check out the trailer at the web site ***
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Mr. Untouchable

By nassau lady
Written November 03, 2007
I was not disappointed. I found the film very factual and extremely well done. I would have loved to see Nicky Barnes's story made into a full length motion picture.
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The Legacy of a Drug Dealer

By ThePriceis Wrong _ B
Written November 08, 2007
Documentary was well told and very interesting. I am always fascinated when directors are able to recreate a time period and capture the story in a concise and clear way. I think Levin has done that with Mr. Untouchable.
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Mr. Untouchable

By eclassyasia
Written October 29, 2007
This firm being a documentary as it was, was poorly received by me. First, Nicky was a arragant so so who still portraits a dope fiend attitude. How could a man be so "Look where I am and Look where they are" Does he really believe that being a snitch is the worthly way of life. He sent the mother of his kdis to prison for ten years, the woman he claims he loved more than Thelma he got shot. He has the nerve to bragg, thats not a man thats a coward. If I had to do all over again I would not support this firm, cause by doing so I support the behavior and attitude of Nicky. This I would not do. There is one person who was present in this firm who actually was not physcially present and that was Guy Fisher. Guy you are taking the approporate approach to Nicky and this whole game. Do not waste your time or efford in supporting Nicky or this movie.
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Mr. Untouchable.

By Angie405
Written December 15, 2007
Well, I really did not think that it was going to be a documentary. So, I was totally surprised that the actual person would be speaking about themselves and what they thought they were in the community. He thought that he was doing no wrong. But what he failed to realize is that he was just hurting his own people instead of helping them. He was profiting from their dependency and making all of the glamour and noteriety for himself. He was in that sense very greedy so that he could be out of the poor house and gloat at the suffering and weak mindedness of the black community, and any other nationalities that he serviced. It was very interesting to see what a mind can think of when they are only thinking about themselves. For clarification I am not black. I am hispanic and I am amazed how similar our cultures are related.
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