mozart 's sister

By fandecinema
Written December 10, 2011
the movie ,in typical french fashion is very slow,....very slow,I should add. many historical inexactitudes will disappoint anyone knowledgeable in musical history. I am sorry but it is so-so, rent it later.
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A fairytale of the world of Music

By dollwithouteyes
Written May 21, 2012
Pleasant surprise! I expected the worst, it was apparent from previews that this was a highly dramatized depiction of the Mozart family. And while it does take creative license, the story is largely poetic; It's not a biography, as Shakespeare's Macbeth is not Mac Bethad Mac Findlaich's life. The director is giving us a fairytale set to the backdrop of Salzburg and Paris, part fairytale, part cautionary tale. He told it well. Its a very beautiful film, the textures of the costumes are alive, and the film is full of mood. Delicate lighting truly creates a sense of coldness, sadness. The acting is understated and convincing, Marie Feret and David Moreau have striking faces. I was especially impressed by the performance of Clovis Fouin, the troubled Dauphin. The characters are written complex, filling out a pensive script. Though a little slow, it is still engaging, its quietest scenes can be the most heart-breaking. It also captures life through the eyes of children, its a delicate film.
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Mozart's Sister review

By Barbiegal2
Written September 10, 2011
Must go! Terrific!
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you really just go fir the Motzart

By sobeoz
Written October 25, 2011
Very slow sleepy movie I went because it was a foreign film and a costume drama if it wasn't for the music I would have given up on this boring movie about this plain Jane sister boarding on ugly
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Mozart's Sister

By polrobnyc
Written September 11, 2011
Lovely French costume drama. Wonderful music (of course) - not sure how true to all the facts it was, but totally entertainining nevertheless. A clear depiction of the hopelessness of being so talented, but also a woman in that day and age.
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