• Release Date: November 7, 1997
  • Run Time: 2 hr 9 min
  • Rating: R - Some Language, Nudity and Graphic Sci-Fi Violence/Gore
  • Cast: Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Denise Richards
  • Director: Paul Verhoeven
  • Genre: Action/Adventure

Synopsis: This underrated sci-fi masterpiece is a dark political satire about an overly-militarized world, disguised as a violent space opera. Campy, melodramatic rock-jawed heroes (Casper Van Dien, Parick Muldoon), Archie and Jughead-type characters (Neil Patrick Harris, Jake Busey) and sexually aggressive amazons (Dina Myer, Denise Richards) cavort in the fascist future fighting intelligent, insectoid monsters!