• Run Time: 2 hr 2 min
  • Rating: PG
  • Cast: Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon, Michael Douglas
  • Director: James Bridges
  • Genre: Drama, Suspense/Thriller

Synopsis: TV reporter Jane Fonda, eager to do something other than puff pieces, covers a routine story at a nuclear power plant with cameraman Michael Douglas. While talking to operations manager Jack Lemmon, the pair witness a near-miss crisis that could have resulted in a catastrophic meltdown. The company powers-that-be immediately try to cover it up, but soon even true believer Lemmon is having serious doubts about the safety of the plant. Fonda and Douglas race against time to prevent a full-scale nuclear cataclysm, trying to get Lemmon’s story on the air before the nuclear plant owners can take lethal action against them.