• Release Date: March 2, 2001
  • Run Time: 2 hr 0 min
  • Rating: R - Violence, Profanity
  • Cast: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Gandolfini
  • Director:
  • Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy

Synopsis: Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts headline together for the first time in this stylish Quentin Tarantino-esque romantic action comedy. Pitt stars as Jerry Welbach, a reluctant bagman who has promised his girlfriend Samantha (Roberts) that his gangster days are finally behind him. One last obstacle to this pledge, however, still stands in his way. For Jerry's boss has contracted him to pull one final job: travel south of the border and retrieve a priceless antique pistol known as "The Mexican," or else suffer the extremely none-too-pleasant consequences. And so, Jerry heads off in search of the weapon...and the resulting trip is sure to be nothing short of a nonstop adventure filled with numerous twists and turns, over-the-top action, and plenty of memorably sharp comedic moments.