• Release Date: July 26, 2013
  • Cast: Jazzy B, Gippy Grewal, Simran Mundi, Sonam Bajwa, Binnu Dhillion, Puneet Isser
  • Director: M.A. Nishad
  • Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Best of Luck is comedy of three star crossed lovers KULLU ( Gippy Grewal), HAPPY (Binnu Dhillon) the pizza delivery boys and GOLI ( Jazzy B), the underworld don, who fall in love with three beautiful girls, but their unusual professions come in the way of their respective pursuits for their dream girls. As the “LUCK” would have it, their paths cross and after a lot of conflict they realize that they need to work together to achieve the noble goal, “LOVE”. What follows is a slapstick and goofy crime comedy of errors and mistaken identities. Will Kullu, Goli and Happy be lucky in love? Or will the love’s labour lose to crime and confusion? Come and join the three stooges on this amazing journey and wish them, “BEST OF LUCK”.
*Note: Punjabi with English subtitles