Synopsis: Alfred Werker/Richard Basehart Double Feature: REPEAT PERFORMANCE, 1947, Film Noir Foundation, 91 min. Dir. Alfred L. Werker. Consider it the noir version of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. Broadway actress Sheila Page (Joan Leslie) rings in the New Year by shooting her husband to death. She blurts out a confession to her friend, poet William Williams (Richard Basehart), but as she leads him to the crime scene ... the preceding year begins again! Will Sheila be able to correct what went so dreadfully wrong, or will Fate demand a ... REPEAT PERFORMANCE?

65th Anniversary! HE WALKED BY NIGHT, 1948, Park Circus/MGM, 79 min. In this landmark noir, a psychotic loner (Richard Basehart) uses his genius for electronics to commit robberies while evading the police. When he graduates to murder, L.A.’s finest, including tough Scott Brady and methodical Jack Webb, pull out a few modern techniques of their own.