Synopsis: Cornell Woolrich Double Feature: New 35mm Print! STREET OF CHANCE, 1942, Universal, 74 min. Dir. Jack Hively. The first adaptation of a Woolrich suspense novel returns to the big screen in a brand-new 35mm print! A man loses his memory after being struck by a falling beam, and as he struggles to piece his life together he realizes he has lived the preceding year as another person. Is it a tortured twist of fate or a sinister, calculated plot?

Rare! New 35mm Print! NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES, 1948, Universal, 81 min. Edward G. Robinson gives a doom-laden performance as a bogus carnival "mentalist" who becomes cursed with the ability to see into the future. Director John Farrow’s adaptation of the novel by master of suspense Cornell Woolrich (REAR WINDOW) features gorgeous camerawork from John Seitz (DOUBLE INDEMNITY).