Synopsis: Triple Feature! EASY RIDER, 94 min. Dennis Hopper’s directorial debut is a simultaneous celebration of and elegy to the counterculture. Two lone-wolf bikers (Peter Fonda, Hopper) make a killing on a drug deal and, to commemorate their new financial independence, decide to roll cross-country on a tour of southwestern America.

{35mm} FIVE EASY PIECES, 96 min. Dir. Bob Rafelson. Hard-hitting, brilliantly sarcastic drama of Bakersfield oil rig worker Jack Nicholson on the run from his former life as a concert pianist, with country waitress girlfriend (and Tammy Wynette fan) Karen Black in tow. {35mm}

40th Anniversary! THE LAST DETAIL, 104 min. Dir. Hal Ashby. A pair of U.S. Navy petty officers (Jack Nicholson and Otis Young) are assigned to escort a young sailor (Randy Quaid) to prison to serve an eight-year sentence. {35mm}