Synopsis: Double Feature: CLEO FROM 5 TO 7, 1951, Janus Films, 90 min. Agnes Varda’s breakthrough film examines two hours in the life of a hopelessly pretty pop singer (Corrine Marchand), who may or may not be dying of cancer. CLEO ranks with BREATHLESS and THE 400 BLOWS as one of the seminal works of the French New Wave. "The streets of Paris are filmed like they have never again been filmed." – Telerama In French with English subtitles.

SUMMER OF ‘42, 1971, Warner Bros., 103 min. Dir. Robert Mulligan. This sleeper hit is set on Nantucket Island during WWII, where teenaged Hermie (Gary Grimes) meets a beautiful older woman (Jennifer O’Neill) whose soldier husband is on duty in France. Though as obsessed with sex as pals Oscy and Benjie, Hermie comes to realize how complicated relationships can be when emotions factor in. Michel Legrand’s Oscar-winning score and its haunting theme song, “The Summer Knows,” lends this coming-of-age story a nostalgic glow.